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Monday, December 29, 2008

Santa Did Good!!

I know Santa is not the reason for the season, but look at this face... does it not scream SANTA DID GOOD!!

She loves this car. The only thing missing is a cup holder!

Santa also brought an Ainsley sized recliner that fits her perfectly. Too bad she is so much of a wiggle worm she just climbs on it right now.

Ainsley was not in the mood to take a picture at Gigi and Papa's house. (This may be the only proof that I was around for Christmas.)

Christmas Eve 2008

Christmas Eve at Mimi and Pawpaw's is nothing, but the ripping of wrapping paper and the throwing of bows. We have one opportunity to take a picture of all the kids in front of the tree and that has to be fast. My first shot of them all was the best I could have hoped for and the next 2 or 3 Ainsley was running off, so I was so happy with this picture.

Wes, Ainsley, Kaylen, Ann Elise, Matthew and Corbin. For now and for some time to come we are even w/ 3 boys and 3 girls, who knows what the future (far future) will bring.

Ainsley with her smooth faced Daddy (notice the beard is gone). Well we had a beard trimming accident, but the beard is making a reappearance.

Do you think sugar plumbs are dancing in her head or was she thinking the sooner I go to sleep the sooner Santa gets here?

Ainsley was trying to clean up our big mess.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Card Photos 2008

I promised Daniel he would not have to be in the Christmas card photo this year. That turned out to be a lie b/c that was before I tried to take pictures of a one year old, who for some crazy reason I thought would do exactly what I wanted. Boy was I WRONG! I thought I could easily get her to look at the Christmas tree, hold an ornament, look at me when I said her name and smile. That did not happen. I ended up chasing her back and forth from the kitchen to the tree, from the tree to the hall and who knows where else. Now I have created a tree loving monster b/c I gave her the okay to touch the ornaments while I tried to get the perfect picture, but now I don't want her to touch the ornaments and all she wants to do is touch the ornaments. So my beautiful tree is block by our pack-n-play and all I get to see is the top half, but nothing below that.

Have I mentioned Daniel's new look? He decided he wanted a beard, which he seemed to grow over night. It's the first time in our entire history together that he has had a beard and that is a long time (11 years). Everyone says he looks just like his Dad now. It is something different, but I like it.

Thank you Mimi for my pretty snowman dress.

Aunt Holly gave Ainsley this darling outfit for her birthday, but I could never get a picture from the front, so I posted the picture below for it to be seen. Ainsley has already worn it twice and she gets so many compliments.

She really enjoyed this bowl of ornaments, so of course I had to move them to a higher shelf after she thought she could keep playing in them.

(This picture is from A's birthday party)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ainsley's Birthday Party!!

Ainsley had a great 1st Birthday Party and loved all her family for being there! Thank you for all the wonderful gifts. She played all night with her new toys and we read all her new books. It was about an hour past her bedtime before she could wind down and even then she was crying because she did not want to go to sleep (while tripping over her toys with each tear).

I loved her birthday dress. I ordered it online from Bullfrogs and Butterflies. I was so happy when it came in a week earlier than scheduled and it was perfect.

Her birthday cake matched her plates, napkins and invitations to a T.

What a spread!!

The birthday girl was so happy all day and could not wait for some cake!

Of course we were singing Happy Birthday to her.

She got her own little #1 to tear up.

Which she did!

I think this might be a new facial?

She had a blast!

Opening her gifts was a lot of fun too. I could not believe all the stuff she got.

This was the end of our party and we all needed a nap (but our little one did not want to take one)!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Ainsley!!!

Not only was Thursday Thanksgiving Day, but it was Ainsley's 1st birthday. Daniel and I gave her a little private party, but she will be having a family party Saturday. She loved her balloons, devoured her cupcake and ripped open her present.

Once she realized the balloons were there she could not leave them alone.

She looked at that cupcake and then looked at us like "Are you really letting me touch this?"

She is just like her Mama and her Gigi - she does not share her sweets!

Like every child she loves bows and paper.

She asked her Daddy to help her get the gift open.

Papa and Gigi could not resist and had to stop by before heading to their Thanksgiving lunch to tell Ainsley Happy Birthday!

This will be her last picture w/ the sign and the bear. This picture turned out great, but it was all luck. This photo session was tough!

Happy Thanksgiving

We made 3 stops for Thanksgiving and we are tired. First we ate with Daniel's family, then we visited with my Mom's side and then we ate supper with my Dad's side.

The Martin/Rye side of Thanksgiving...

Here's our little Indian.

Mimi, Ainsley and Loyce

Wes and Ann Elise

Matt, Corbin and Kaylen

Ainsley helping Daddy stand in line to fix his plate

3 pretty girls - Aunt Holly w/ Ainsley and Ann Elise

Matthew and Ainsley

My Mom's side of Thanksgiving...

Aunt Bonnie, Uncle Terry and Granny

Mike and Kathleen

Uncle Steve, Aunt Kay and Sheri

Kathleen let Ainsley borrow her sunglasses and she loved them. I think she looks like a bug!

Our little family

Reid w/ his invisible wife Paula. (She was over seas visiting her brother who is studying abroad) We missed you Paula!

Papa and Gigi

Kathleen, Ainsley and Me

My Dad's side of Thanksgiving...

Chad, Brad, Brett, Corey and Angie

Aunt Myra, Aunt Jan, Uncle Richard, Uncle Bill and Aunt Ann

Bailey, Kimberly and Ainsley


Monday, November 24, 2008

Feeling Better...

Ainsley has had a rough week and a half. Last Tuesday she was just walking around on our rug and tripped on her feet, which caused her to slam face first with paci in mouth on the hardwood floor. Blood came gushing out and we cried for 30 minutes. I was finally able to look at it when she fell asleep and she tore that little piece of skin that attaches your lip to your gums. Luckily she did not get a bruise or swell, but I was scared she would need stitches or could have bitten off her tongue or knocked out her teeth. Thank goodness all was well the next day other than being a little tender. Then she started being really fussy, not eating and VERY DIRTY diapers. So we blamed it on teething. Well nothing got better and her other 4 teeth did not cause all these symptoms, so we could not figure it out. She has been eating toddler food for a little bit now, but had eaten it for every meal last week and no baby food. We still don't really know what was wrong, but we switched back to baby food and she seems to be perfect today! I hope I have not spoken too soon b/c I sure don't want a repeat and I am glad to have my happy little girl back.