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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Card Photos 2008

I promised Daniel he would not have to be in the Christmas card photo this year. That turned out to be a lie b/c that was before I tried to take pictures of a one year old, who for some crazy reason I thought would do exactly what I wanted. Boy was I WRONG! I thought I could easily get her to look at the Christmas tree, hold an ornament, look at me when I said her name and smile. That did not happen. I ended up chasing her back and forth from the kitchen to the tree, from the tree to the hall and who knows where else. Now I have created a tree loving monster b/c I gave her the okay to touch the ornaments while I tried to get the perfect picture, but now I don't want her to touch the ornaments and all she wants to do is touch the ornaments. So my beautiful tree is block by our pack-n-play and all I get to see is the top half, but nothing below that.

Have I mentioned Daniel's new look? He decided he wanted a beard, which he seemed to grow over night. It's the first time in our entire history together that he has had a beard and that is a long time (11 years). Everyone says he looks just like his Dad now. It is something different, but I like it.

Thank you Mimi for my pretty snowman dress.

Aunt Holly gave Ainsley this darling outfit for her birthday, but I could never get a picture from the front, so I posted the picture below for it to be seen. Ainsley has already worn it twice and she gets so many compliments.

She really enjoyed this bowl of ornaments, so of course I had to move them to a higher shelf after she thought she could keep playing in them.

(This picture is from A's birthday party)


Littlejohn's said...

Love the cute dress.........and yes, Daniel does look just like Mr. Earl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Segrest Family said...

love the pictures! loved the cute card too =)
i like daniel with a beard! but chad has had facial hair 50% of our history (10 years) so i guess im partial!!! ha