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Sunday, October 28, 2007

New House is Moving Along

Our new house continues to move along. It is not actually crooked, that would be the photographer trying to shoot from the road because the ground was too muddy to drive on today.

We still have our current home for sell and have not had any serious lookers, so please, please pray that someone will come along soon that feels this house is perfect for their family.

Work Shower

The ladies I work with gave me a lovely shower Wednesday night. Ainsley got even more great gifts. We are so overwhelmed by the love everyone has shown us. There are only a few short weeks left before Ainsley is scheduled to arrive and thanks to all the kindness of our friends and family we are getting prepared for her.

Great cake.

Great food.

Me with the hostesses: Diane, Peggy, Tracy, and Lisa (my manager).

Wonderful gifts.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Baby Shower

Our sweet, sweet Sunday School Class gave us a wonderful baby shower last Friday. We had a sit down dinner and got to visit with everyone for several hours. Ainsley got lots of essentials!

Big Belly and Even Bigger Feet at 34 Weeks!

I had to go to Grenada last week for a meeting. We rode on a van for 2 hours to get there, sat in the meeting for 8 hours and drove back home for another 2 hours, so my feet were looking good when I got back to Tupelo!

I can't believe I am putting the naked belly out there for you to see, but I need to prove I am pregnant! All day long I hear "You don't look like your having a baby", well I am and she will be here in a month.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Baby Showers Cont.

My sister-in-law Kelly, me and my sister-in-law Holly

The cake matched our invitations

I love my diaper bag that Holly and Kelly gave me!!

My Mom and Dad gave us our stroller and car seat. Dan's parents gave us our pack-in-play