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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Perfect Valentine Candy!

Ainsley and her Daddy gave me the best Valentine's present. Any guesses? Not diamonds, not flowers, but yes a Whitman's Sampler!! It has taken me several years to get Daniel to understand that the ONLY Valentine candy to purchase is a Whitman's Sampler. A specific Whitman's sampler at that. It has to be the one in the yellow rectangle box b/c it has the map on the inside. I need the map to know which candy is in each spot. I don't like to be surprised by a mouth full of orange filling or a bite of coffee flavored gunk. I like to know which candy will make me very happy and which one will not. If it is something I know I will not eat it is free for the taking, but otherwise that box of chocolate is mine (unless Ainsley wants some).

It only took me 2 days to empty this box! That is why I only ask for it once a year.

See how informative the map it. Not only does it have the description, but the picture matches the tray! I know I am obsessed with it.

Gigi and Papa gave Ainsley this darling outfit for Valentine's Day.

Mimi and PawPaw gave her a cute pink frog with hearts all over it, but she would not hold on to it long enough to get a picture.


Ainsley likes to take anything that is not hers, so she tried on Papa's vest and all my purses. She is especially fond of this big red purse, so it has become her purse. It was not worth the fight to take it away.

Ainsley's new motto: The bigger the better!!

Mama carries a HUGE purse, so why shouldn't I?

FYI: Mama does not wear her purse on her head, so I don't know where she got this from?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

1st Snip, Snip

If you did not figure out from the title, Ainsley got her 1st hair cut Saturday. It was a tiny trim just to help her hair grow faster and fuller. Ms. Lisa did a great job and Ainsley was the perfect client. We even got a cute certificate for verification of the 1st hair cut!

This was Ainsley relaxing before we made the trip to town. Remote, sippy cup of milk and a paci -- could life get any better?

As soon as the cape was on Ainsley had to get her feet and hands uncovered, then she was fine.

It was just a trim, but it made everything nice and even.