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Monday, October 27, 2008

11 Months Old Today!!

I can't believe the big ONE is right around the corner! Our baby is growing up way too fast. She is walking everywhere, which means we are walking everywhere. She talks all the time and we like to translate her conversations. She throws things out of her pack-n-play or crib or hand or whatever and says "uh oh". It is so cute the first 10 times, but the next 100 times are tiring! She has not found a food she does not like and believe me her Daddy has given her some crazy things to try. Good examples would be dill pickles, lemons, french onion dip and even a pickled beet, but not in one sitting. She never batted an eye and was willing to eat more! She is so much fun and keeps us very active, so we can't wait to see what else is in store for us.

Her standard pose for the birthday month.

Ainsley's best side!!

Could not sit any longer.

She and the bear are on the move.

Ainsley's 1st Vacation!

My Parents, Daniel, Ainsley and I left Thursday morning headed for Pigeon Forge, TN. I really should have taken a picture of my Jeep. It was packed to the ceiling with stuff we NEEEEEDED! I don't know how we had so much stuff, but we were afraid to get away from home without taking the entire house with us! We were only gone for 4 days (2 of which we were driving)! It is hard enough to pack for adults, but adding a baby in the mix made it almost impossible. Anyway, we got it all in there and we even managed to shop til we dropped and got all the new stuff home too. We thought we might have to buy on of those luggage boxes for the roof of the Jeep, but we made it without it. It was pretty chilly, but beautiful and we hated to leave. All of us made it to the Aquarium, the Mill, the Bass Pro Shop (for Dan of course) and to the Outlet mall for the girls. Naturally, Ainsley came away with the most new clothes.

Ainsley was not very impressed by the big fish, but we were.

Ainsley is considering being a deep sea diver when she growns up. Do you think the outfit suits her?

Gigi, Ainsley and Papa. Her grandparents think she can do no wrong!

Ainsley was testing out how she would look under water!

Gigi, Ainsley and Papa at the old mill.

Ainsley was such a sweet girl the entire trip. None of us could get enough hugs from her.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ainsley's New Wheels...

Forget the walker, Gigi and Papa bought Ainsley a golf cart this weekend. Well, I guess they really bought it for themselves, but I am sure Ainsley will get to use it all she wants. We took it for a spin and Ainsley really enjoyed the wind in her hair!

Ainsley's 1st Wedding...

Our friend from high school, Kristie, got married at our church last Saturday and Ainsley got to go to her first wedding (out of my belly). She never saw the service, which was beautiful, but she had a great time in the nursery and loved all the food!

She and Papa took a cute picture when we got home.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Roadside Pumpkins/Photo Op.

We have intentions to make it to a pumpkin patch, but my Mom needed mums, so we could not resist taking a few pumpkin pictures!!
P.S. Notice how nicely my baby's face has recovered from the bug bites!