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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Celebrating Gigi's Birthday!

We went to Logan's for Gigi's birthday lunch Sunday. Everyone had a great time and ate way too much.

 Gigi, Ainsley and Papa at Logan's for Gigi's birthday.
 Ainsley helping Gigi open her presents.
 Ainsley gave Gigi a cute new flag for her flowerbed, we gave her a new purse and Papa gave her a Kindle.  Lots of good stuff for Gigi!!
 Gigi and Ainsley love each other soooo much!!

Me, Ainsley and Daniel happy and full after lunch.

Wes' and Paw Paw's Birthday Celebration!

July is a busy birthday month for our family. We celebrated Wes' and Paw Paw's birthday Saturday at Mt. Fugi. Ainsley did not have the best experience with the fire from the hibachi last time, so we were worried. She did not love it, but she handled it so much better this time. We had a wonderful evening and filled our bellies with good food!

 Ainsley was not excited about Mt. Fugi, but she was fine after the chef put out all the fire and left the hibachi.
 Matthew and Wes
 The youngest of the two birthday boys, Wes.
 Paw Paw, Matthew, Mimi and Corbin celebrating together.
 Paw Paw was ready for the fireworks.
 Wes and Holly
 Wes was getting ready for all the hard work it takes to blow out this candle.
 Go Wes!  Blow that candle out!
 Ainsley saw Wes get up from his cake and she stole it.  Spoon and all!
 Kaylen and Paw Paw
 Daniel, Ainsley and me
Mimi celebrating with Wes on his 14th birthday!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Martin's Eat Mexican (A LOT)

The Martin family seems to eat Mexican a lot, so this was another occasion for all of us to eat.

Colby, Daniel and Ainsley

Corbin and Matt

Kaylen and Corbin

Kelly and Matthew

Ann Elise and Kaylen

Matthew and Ainsley

Paw Paw and Mimi

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls...

 Ainsley and me waiting for the circus to start.

 Ainsley loves popcorn and this bag was a lifetime supply!

 Gigi and Ainsley

Ainsley, Gigi and Me

 Loved the elephants!

 These elephants were pretty impressive.

Ainsley, Daniel and I really enjoyed the circus.

4th of July

Ainsley and me
Daniel and Ainsley
Uncle Billy Wayne, Winston and Aunt Ann
Chad, Aunt Myra, Uncle Richard, Bailey, Kimberly and Tucker
Papa, Gigi, Daniel, Ainsley and me
Angie, Carson, Aunt Jan, Uncle Bill and Brandon
Kimberly and Winston
Cousin - Tucker, Ainsley, Bailey and Brandon
Cousins - Tucker, Brandon, Bailey, Ainsley, Kimberly and Brandon
Ainsley and Uncle Richard with Rudy
Brandon, Papa and Uncle Richard
Carson, Angie and Uncle Richard
Ainsley and Matthew on the homemade slip and slide.
Ainsley had a great time on the slip and slide
Ainsley and Leecie could have done this all day long.
One more way to slide.
Ainsley eating watermelon.
Ainsley really eating watermelon.
Leecie had to give it a try too!
Ainsley and Leecie
Ainsley and Leecie posing for a picture in their matching tops.