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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday To Ainsley!

I can't believe it has been two years since Ainsley was born. Our little girl is growing up too fast. I feel like I blinked and she turned into a toddler! Where does the time go? She is so independent now and talking all the time. I wish I could count all the words she says and the sentences she puts together. She always keeps us entertained.

Ainsley's real birthday was Friday, November 27th, but we had her party on Saturday. Both sides of the family came to the Crayola themed birthday party. Ainsley had a wonderful day and loved every present she got. She woke up this morning ready to play with her toys and she plays with them all at once. She is playing with a tea set one second, then she is a doctor, then building with Lego's, then pushing a pink toy hummer around. Thank you to all our family for the great gifts!

Crayon cake was made by Cakes by Rita in Tupelo! It tasted just as good as it looks.

Of course we had lots of food.

Gigi made this darling center piece for Ainsley's party and the cute cookies.

Just so happened to find this Crayola table and chairs at Sam's after we had already decided on the birthday theme, so we had to pick it up.

I bet she wished for another "Happy Birthday Party" as she kept calling it.

Ainsley and her Mimi. (I don't know how Paw Paw never made it into a picture)

Ainsley, Gigi and Papa

Daddy, Ainsley and Mama.

I put paper on the tables, so the kids could color.

Ann Elise and Ainsley were playing in the toy box. This is one of Ainsley's favorite things to do.

Wes, Matthew, Corbin, Kaylen and Ann Elise helped Ainsley open her presents.

Gigi and Papa gave Ainsley these cute rain boots. We really needed them too.

Daniel and I gave her a bike and helmet. (No comments needed on the helmet. We know how funny it looks, but the safety of her head comes over style.)

Ainsley was tired of me trying to take her picture, can't you tell. Mimi gave Ainsley this lovely dress for her birthday. (It fits perfectly Mimi.)

Daniel was trying to help me get Ainsley picture.

I wish I knew what I said or did to get a cute smile out of her. Aunt Holly and family gave Ainsley this darling outfit for her birthday. I love it.

After the party Ainsley let all her balloons go. She told every single one of the "bye boon".


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with 2 great meals. First we had lunch with Daniel's family, then we had supper with my Dad's side at our house.

Ainsley was hungry, but sweetly waiting on her meal

The meal was worth the wait. Thanks Mimi for the wonderful lunch!

Gigi, Ainsley and Papa.

Mama, Ainsley and Daddy.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Can you believe I was letting Ainsley play in the dirt today! We were outside marking off where we want our fence to go and Ainsley was having a blast running around. Unfortunately, our grass is barely peeking through the dirt. So dirt is what she played with! We went straight to the bathtub when we were finished!!

I think I have a tomboy on my hands.

Pigeon Forge

Last Saturday Daniel, Ainsley, Gigi, Papa and I drove/rode to Pigeon Forge for a few days of rest and relaxation. This is the 2nd year in a row we have all gone and stayed in a lovely cabin in the mountains. We went to the aquarium, a small zoo and of course went shopping. It was nice to sleep in and take our time getting out and about for a few days.

We also saw Santa Clause. The first day we saw him Ainsley would only look at him, while he talked to her. The second day she was so cute saying "Sana Cause where are you?" We went back to the shopping center, but due to the rain he had gone home. But the Bass Pro Shop never fails us! We knew he was there too, so we drove over to see him. Ainsley was pretty excited in line, but when we got up to him she got a little scared. He was so nice and she did sit in his lap. We got the picture, but we did not get a smile.

As you can see this was outside the Ripley's Aquarium.

Papa was showing Ainsley the fish (or pish in her words).

Gigi and Ainsley was looking at some birds we saw at the zoo.

Family photo while waiting on our lunch. (I think this is one of maybe two pictures I was actually in the entire trip.)

Thanks Bass Pro Shop for the nice Santa!