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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day 2011

We got a great big snow fall for Mississippi, so of course we had to play! It is really unbelievable that we got snow Christmas day and got even more snow today. This was several inches though and shut down the roads and gave most people a snow day. Yay!!!! It was so nice to be home with Daniel and Ainsley just to play in the snow and not rush to be anywhere all day.

Ainsley loved her snow day!

Our snow covered house.

Pretty deep for a Mississippi snow!

Daddy thought this would make a good sled for Ainsley.

Ainsley did not think it was a good sled for her to use.

It was so cute to watch Ainsley plop down to make her snow angel.

My Angel made a perfect snow angel.

Mommy I am going to get you!

Ainsley thought it was so funny to throw snowballs at us.

Ainsley had so much fun being pulled around on our float sled.

Ainsley wanted to keep going and going.

I had a lot of fun, but only got to do this once because Ainsley did not want to give it up.

One happy little girl.

Daniel's turn to float sled.