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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Ainsley must be highly sensitive to bug bites. She has gotten them on the side of her face and her arms and legs before and they swell and feel like a knot is under them. Of course the ones that get on her face bother me more than anything. I picked her up from daycare Thursday and noticed a bite on her eyelid, but did not think much about it. Friday morning she woke up and my sweet baby look like this. I know she will get bug bites forever and ever, but this is upsetting! Needless to say I had to call the doctor. She prescribed something to make the swelling go down and thank goodness it worked very quickly. Ainsley did not seem the least bit bother by it though.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

18 Month (almost 19 month) Check-up

Ainsley went for her latest check-up last week. You would have thought the nurse was trying to rip her arms and legs from her body. Ainsley was crying and sounding like a siren. The poor lady was just taking her measurements and getting her weight, but it was torture for my little girl. As soon as we had the room to ourselves no more tears. She was walking around, talking and playing. Then Dr. Grisham came in and the waterworks were back on. All she did was listen to her chest and check her throat and ears. Just the basics. Ainsley did not even have to get a shot. When Dr. G was finished and we were just catching up Ainsley wanted to share her snacks with her and show her everything that was in her diaper bag like she was her best friend. Oh well, we don't have to go back until she is 2, so we will see if it gets better or worse from this point on.

Ainsley is now 29 lbs 3 oz and 34 inches long.

Father's Day

I have been trying to convince everyone that Ainsley looks like all my little girl pictures and she does, but maybe she looks like her Daddy too!

They were very happy, but not really in the picture taking mood on Sunday.

Ainsley and Gigi

This is my Mom aka Gigi. We were getting ready to go shopping like always. Ainsley was in a good mood walking around saying "cheeeeese", so we thought we would take advantage of the opportunity.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Papa's Golf Cart

Ainsley gets so excited to ride in her Papa's golf cart. You can ask her if she wants to go for a ride in it and she is at the door. Saturday my Daddy got the golf cart out to take Ainsley and her cousin, Brandon, for a ride around the neighborhood. They had a blast!

She just spotted the golf cart!

Ainsley and Brandon after one ride and waiting for someone to take them again.

Yard Work and Broken Windows

We have been in our house for a year now and we are finally getting the yard put flowerbed at a time! Daniel got the plants in the ground and Ainsley helped him spread mulch this past weekend. He also sprayed something on the yard to kill all the weeds. After a few days everything was dying and he decided to mow b/c Friday we are getting dirt brought in to level out the ground, so we can spread grass seed. I am so excited to get these projects out of the way. I am sure the neighbors will be glad we have a yard, so their property value will go back up!! As we get something finished up we manage to make ourselves spend more money by breaking windows! It could have been worse, but as Dan mowed the lawnmower threw a rock and broke one side of our kitchen window. What are the odds of something like that happening!!

Don't you just love her Dollar Tree rake and shovel! She was following Daniel around doing everything he was doing. It was so cute!

She LOVES to be outside.

View from outside.

View from inside. Thankfully it did not come into the kitchen.

1st Pedicure

I sat down Saturday to repaint my toenails and Ainsley decided to sit down for her 1st pedicure. She did great at first. She let me paint all 5 toenails on the right foot, but after 3 on the left foot she was ready to go. I did get her to come back so we could have all 10 toes painted hot pink before leaving the house.

Red Flyer Wagon

Papa and Gigi gave Ainsley this wonderful wagon for Christmas, but it was still in the box until a few weekends ago. We had been waiting on her Daddy to put it together, but with all our other projects it did not look like it was going to happen, so Ainsley and I decide we could assemble it. I tested it out and it did not fall apart. Ainsley has climbed all over it and it is still on all 4 wheels, so I think it is safe.