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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We had a wonderful Father's Day lunch at my Mom's house. Then a visit with Daniel's parents and grandfather. It was a great day to be with family.

Ainsley loves her Daddy!
Me and my wonderful husband.
Father's Day family photo.
Daniel got and IOU for a shop-vac this year for Father's Day.  He can pick out exactly what he wants.
Papa got the best Father's Day present ever from Ainsley. 
Daddy got a car print for his garage.
Ainsley, me and Papa.
Me and my Daddy.
Ainsley and Pawpaw
Mimi and Ainlsey were having a good time today.
Daniel with his grandfather, Loyce.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ft. Walton Beach, FL 2011

We took a few days off work and headed to Florida. It was a wonderful trip with amazing weather. I am not much of a beach person, but it was nice to get away from reality. I really wish I was back there now.

 Getting ready to go in the ocean.

 Daniel and Ainsley going to the ocean for the first of MANY trips in the water.

 Going back in .

 Daniel and Ainsley trying to build a sandcastle.

 Bringing back more water to help build the sandcastle.

 Ainsley loves the sand.

 Relaxing in the pool.

 Ainsley finally took a picture with Mama at the pool.

 Ainsley and Daniel at the beach.

 Ainsley loves her bucket.

 This is what Ainsley really thought about taking another picture.

 Waiting for supper at Harry T's.

 Ainsley was so excited to get her face painted, but not as excited as her Daddy was in the background with his balloons!!

Such a big girl sitting still getting her face painted.

 My pretty, pretty princess.

 I had to take my picture with the princess in her hand painted crown.

 Ainsley got a balloon money from the magician at the hotel.

 Taking pictures on the hotel bridge.

Another pretty area for Ainsley picture to be taken at the hotel.

 Sitting on the alligator at Fudpucker's.

 Ainsley and Daniel were not scared of this big alligator.

 Ainsley celebrated National Donut Day!!

 Headed back to the pool

 Another day at the beach.

 My sweet pea taking a picture with me at the beach.

 Ainsley running from the waves.

 Ainsley was trying on Forrest Gump's shoes at Bubba Gump's.

Coloring with Daddy at supper.

Memorial Day 2011

We had The Martin's over for a cookout on Memorial Day. The kids had a great time in Ainsley's kiddie pool and the adults enjoyed Daniel's hamburgers and polish sausages.

 Ainsley loved her new pool!

 Waiting on her cousins to get to the pool to play with her.

 So happy Kaylen finally got to the house.

 Ainsley loves playing with Corbin, Ann Elise and Kaylen.

 Kaylen was trying to stay dry, but Corbin decided she needed to be soaking wet.

 Wes is growing up too fast!

Kaylen and Daniel doing some backyard fishing.

Kerry, Matthew and Daniel having their own fishing competition.

Sprinkler Time

Just some fun time in the sprinklers when it first got hot. Ainsley loves to dance, jump and run in the sprinklers.