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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Blog

I have finally filled up the space on this blog, so I have created a new address. If you still enjoy following our little life please check us out at

Happy New Year!!!

2 Lunches Are Better Than One!

We had not 1, but 2 lunches on Christmas Day! First we ate at my Mom and Dad's house, then we at at Daniel's parent's house. We were so fortunate that my cousin Russell and his family were able to come in from Kansas to see us this year.

Chase and Ainsley sharing Ainsley's new game.

Ainsley and Chase playing a matching game.

Caden smiled, but did not want to look at the camera.

Chase and Ainsley don't mind taking pictures.

Corbin, Kaylen, Matthew, Ann Elise, Wes and Ainsley

Matthew, Corbin, Kaylen, Loyce, Ann Elise, Chase, Wes and Ainsley

Linda and Sherron with their Daddy (L.C. Rye) Just missing their brother Danny.  Maybe he can be here next year.

Daniel, Matt, Ocye and Holly

Daniel, Holly, Matt, Earl and Sherron

Corbin, Matt, Ann Elise, Kelly and Matthew

Daniel, Ainsley and me

Ann Elise, Kaylen and Ainsley

Ainsley and Ann Elise

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas with Gigi and Papa

Christmas morning Gigi and Papa come over for breakfast and to open presents. We had a wonderful time and are blessed to have such a great family. After eating and opening presents we attend First Christian Church for their Christmas service.

Ainsley and all her gifts from us, Gigi and Papa

Gigi and Ainsley

Papa and Ainsley

My Lalaloopsy and me

Our little Lalaloopsy

Papa, Gigi and Ainsley around the Barbie Jeep they gave Ainsley.

Ainsley and her twin doll.

Me, Ainsley and Daniel

Gigi and Papa

Gigi, Ainsley and Papa

Santa Came To Our House!!

Christmas started at 5:45am this year. Since it fell on Sunday we had to set our alarm to make sure we had enough time to see what Santa brought and make it to Church.

Santa went overboard!

Ainsley was thrilled with her Christmas!

A beautiful gown to dress up with.

Loves her new bike!!

Santa remembered to bring Ainsley a Lalaloopsy with bendable hair.

And a doll with matching outfits.

Ready for Santa

Ainsley left milk and peanut butter cookies for Santa and frosted flakes and water for the reindeer.

Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas is here and we start the first of several events at the Martin's for Christmas Eve. All the kids get tons of presents, so they are ready to open them before we even eat!

Mimi's Christmas Tree FULL of presents!

Corbin has decided to be a Mississippi State fan, which Daniel and I are thrilled about.  I am sure it is temporary though, so I had to get proof!

Ainsley being sweet trying to get a present.

The Martin grandkids:
Back: Corbin, Matthew and Wes
Front: Ann Elise, Kaylen and Ainsley

Ainsley and Kaylen

Daniel, Ainsley and me


Kaylen and Corbin

Ainsley tearing into her gift.

Ainsley LOVES her Strawberry Shortcake Cafe from Mimi and Pawpaw.

Ann Elise and Ainsley


Mimi with her gift from us.


The aftermath!

Ann Elise with the kitten we gave her.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Cotton Plant Christmas

We drove to Cotton Plant, Ms to see over 500 inflatables and I don't know how many lights. Daniel gave up his jacket to wrap Ainsley up, so we walked a little faster to see everything. Even though Ainsley was freezing she loved every minute of it!

Daniel and Ainsley.

Ainsley, me and Daniel at Santa's workshop.

Best inflatable on the whole property.