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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Biloxi (lots of pictures)

We went to Biloxi for a long weekend. Why Biloxi? Because Daniel's company had been doing some work there and had a now empty/already paid for condo that we could stay in for FREE. So we decided to take Ainsley to the beach. She did not care for the sand, but loved the ocean and pool. We also took Ainsley to the Discovery Center. That was a lot of fun. They had a grocery store, train, boat, kitchen, tree houses, bubbles, etc for the kids to play in/on/with.

The water was so shallow we could walk forever and only be ankle deep.

Again the water was so shallow Ainsley's bottom was sitting in the sand.

She would have run for miles if we would let her.

Please don't make me put my feet in the sand.

Lets go Mama.

Should I admit that Ainsley had a great time here? They had loud music playing and she danced the entire meal.

Daniel really did just pay attention to her and not the waitress.

Ready for the pool.

She did not keep the floaties on for long and was jumping to Daniel.

She was not scared one bit of the water.

Ainsley had a tea party on the train.

Got "fresh" vegetables at the grocery store.

Looked out the window on the wooden train that was outside.

She also fried some bologna in the cafe (she must have learned that from her Daddy).