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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Ainsley

Ainsley will soon be four years old (on November 27) and we had her 4th birthday party this weekend. She wanted a Tinkerbell party, but we were inviting boys too, so we had a Tinkerbell/Pirate party. I printed out coloring sheets of Tinkerbell, Peter Pan and Captain Hook for them to color, got boxes for them to decorate with stickers as their treasure chests, had beads for them to make necklaces, Gigi made a Pin the Wings on Tinkerbell game and they got to Go Fishing for their goody bags. Ainsley also had the most amazing birthday cake every! Cakes by Rita in Tupelo made her a Tinkerbell cake that was almost too pretty to eat (but we did)! We had a wonderful day with family and friends and were so happy to celebrate our little girl's 4th birthday!

Our beautiful birthday girl!

Gigi, Ainsley and Papa

Ainsley, Daniel and me

Ainsley loved her Tinkerbell cake!

Front of Tinkerbell cake made by Cakes by Rita in Tupelo

Back of Tinkerbell cake (just as pretty as the front)

Gigi made these darling treasure chests for Ainsley's Tinkerbell/Pirate party.

Ainsley, Mimi and Pawpaw

Kelly and Leecie making their necklace.

Ainsley, Ms. Jody, Parker and Ms. Emily - Ainsley's teachers were so sweet to come to her party.

Ainsley was concentrating very hard on her necklace.

Gigi also made pin the wings on Tinkerbell for the kids to play.

The birthday girl with all her wonderful gifts.

Cute scarf from Neily Claire

So excited to FINALLY get her real camera from Mimi!  She had been telling Mimi this is what she wanted for months.

Loved her Barbie with more clothes from Leecie!

Dress up clothes from her Mama and Daddy.

Gigi and Papa gave her this rolling suitcase that she wanted.

Gifts from John-Eli.

Special present from Kaylen a Justin Bieber bear.

Me, Ainsley and Daniel

Ainsley and her Daddy

Back row: Corbin, Leecie, Parker, Neily Claire and Kaylen
Front row: Lexi Grace, Christy Carol, Ainsley and Mylie

The girls: Leecie, Mylie, Lexi Grace, Christy Carol and Ainsley

All the great gifts!

Mylie, Ainsley, Christy Carol and Leecie

Happy Birthday to Ainsley!!

Leecie fishing for her goody bag.

The birthday girl had to fish too!

Ainsley modeling her new hat from Gigi and Papa.

Taking time out from her party to read her new book from John-Eli.

Cousins:  Leecie, Ainsley, Matthew, Kaylen and Corbin (just missing Wes)

Aunt Holly and Ainsley

Aunt Holly and Leecie

Leecie and Ainsley trying to fly away with their balloons!

You know the party is over when you have to lick Tinkerbell off and pack up the leftover cake!