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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BIG Surprise!

We had been wanting to get Ainsley a playset for a while, but they are so expensive we had not done anything about it yet. Well, Gigi had a friend that decided to sell a wonderful wooden playset that was only a year and half old. We snatched it up at a great price and set up a date to drive to Olive Branch to get it. Thanks to my Daddy, my Father-In-Law and Daniel, who actually picked it up, brought it home and put it back together, we were the owners of this wonderful playset a week after finding out it was for sale! Ainsley had no idea she was getting it. Daniel told her if she was a really good girl he would get her a BIG surprise. Her response "Please tell me what it is. I won't tell Mama you told me". He did not tell her and it was so worth it. Gigi and I took her to Tupelo with us that Saturday and stayed away all day, so Ainsley would not see what was going on. When we got home Daniel, Papa and Pawpaw were waiting outside with the video camera. I opened the door and she spotted the playset. She ran to her Daddy and hugged him, then hugged Papa and Pawpaw, then she ran straight for the playset. She was so excited and amazed that she has her very own playset. She even ate her supper in her playset that night and played until dark. What a wonderful memory we will have of this day!

Oh my gosh!  I can't believe ya'll got me a playset!!!

Trying the hardest part first!

Loving the slide.

Just a swingin'.

All smiles!

Ainsley is the Queen of her castle.

Daniel and Ainsley

Colby, Ainsley and Daniel