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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. We went to Church with my parents, then had lunch at our house. I fixed my first roast with carrots, potatoes, rice, macaroni and cheese, rolls and death by chocolate for dessert. We were stuff, but happy!

 Me and my wonderful Mama.

 Gigi, Ainsley and me.

 Gigi and Ainsley.  Papa and her Daddy were making Ainsley laugh pretty hard in this picture.

 Ainlsey, Daniel and me.  Happy Mother's Day with my wonderful family.

 Me with my sweet baby girl.

  My child had a meltdown when I told her Mother's Day was NOT a day for her to get a present. Well...she did get a present b/c I did not want her to cry ALL day long and ruin Mother's Day for the rest of us. I believe it was $6.00 well spent. We had a GREAT day!!

 Gigi with her new Midnite Pottery plate we gave her for Mother's Day.

 Can you guess what I got for Mother's Day? Ainsley told me I was getting a big clock. I never expected that Daniel would take her suggestion and get me a new one to replace the one on our wall that has not worked right in the 3 years we have lived here. So glad to have a new one!!

 Daniel, Ainsley and Mimi.


She got a present for Mother's Day, so I put her to work with it.

 She loves to water and water and water. My new plants may drown before they get a chance to grow.

Making sure each flower is ok.