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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas. Christmas Eve was spent at Mimi and Pawpaw's house. The family is so big there are presents everywhere, so your lucky to find a seat.
Christmas day started with us waking Ainsley up at 7:30. We asked her if she wanted to see what Santa brought and she barely moved. Then Ainsley heard Daniel say "It's snowing" and she popped out of the bed and ran to the window to see the snow. She told us she wanted to go outside and make a snow angel. We convinced her to stay inside for a while and see what Santa brought. Then Mimi and Pawpaw stopped by to see what Santa brought too. Gigi and Papa came over to have breakfast and we opened presents with them. Ainsley and Daniel played in the snow for a while, then off to Oyce's for lunch and dinner at my parents with the Coxes. Ainsley played all day with cousins and did not want to go home.
We are so grateful to have such a fabulous family and the ability to see so many of them for Christmas.

Christmas Eve at Mimi's and Pawpaw's - Ann Elise, Corbin, Ainsley, Wes, Matthew and Kaylen.


Ainsley and Ann Elise



Wes loves a gift card for Christmas.

Matthew with his Paper Jamz guitar.

Ainsley opening a present from Mimi and Pawpaw.

Mimi with her new place mats.

Pawpaw and some new fishing stuff.

Mimi in her new North Face jacket we all gave her.

Kaylen and Tootie Kay. Tootie Kay has on her new pj's.

Cookies for Santa.

Santa must have been happy with his snack.

Santa set up the train set so nicely for Ainsley.

Look what Santa left for Ainsley.

More stuff from Santa.

What did Santa leave in Ainsley stocking?

Ainsley loves her shopping cart.

The train set is so much fun.

Daniel and Ainsley opening presents Christmas morning.

Ainsley loves opening presents.

My new boots from Daniel.

Ainsley loves her baby doll from Gigi and Papa and her new bean bag chair from Santa.

Gigi and her new boots.

Daniel with his new inversion table. Hopefully this will help his back.

Gigi and Papa gave me this cute M to hang at our house.

Family photo Christmas morning.

Christmas day at Ocye's house. The 3 Amigos - Kaylen, Ainsley and Ann Elise.

Ann Elise sitting with her Mama, Kelly.

Ainsley and me in front of Gigi's and Papa's Christmas tree.

Daniel, Ainsley and Colby

Brandon and Ainsley eating their Christmas dinner.

Ainsley had some important work to do on her new pooter (computer) Christmas night.

Carson had so much fun riding the tricycle.

Gigi and Papa

Daniel, Ainsley, Colby, Lisa and Terry

Cousins, Brandon, Ainsley and Carson, posing for a Christmas picture.