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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Ainsley has been celebrating Valentine's Day since Friday. She was so hopped up on candy Friday night from daycare I thought we might have to put her in a detox program! Saturday her Gigi had more candy for her. Just like her Gigi, she can't eat one chocolate she has to eat the entire box. Thankfully it was a small box. Fourtunately her Mimi went the non-chocolate route, so that was all the chocolate for Saturday. We gave her a small box of chocolate too and she got candy at church Sunday! Can we say it has been a long, hyper weekend, but it was fun!!

Ainsley waiting to go to daycare Friday in her cute heart print pants.

I told Ainsley she was getting a present and I just gave her a card. She looked a little disappointed.

I told her to shut her eyes if she really wanted a present.

Ainsley w/ her darling balloons (from Dollar Tree). It is a frog and a monkey if you could not tell.

Ainsley and me before Church on Valentine's Day.