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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Party Time!!

Ainsley went to Davis Claire's 2nd birthday over the weekend. She had a great time running, jumping and eating, but her Mommy was very tired of chasing her when it was all over. I know they thought I was so uptight about all of it, but Ainsley wanted to touch and move everything Deanna had set up. Thanks for being so laid back Deanna. I really need to learn that trait!

** KD's I have some pictures of Mary Frances here!!

Ainsley and her best friend Mary Frances in the bouncy house.

Ainsley thought it was more fun to get in and out of the little door of the bouncy house that to stay in it most of the time.

Ainsley, Jodie and Mary Frances - Jodie and I are great friends from college and now our girls go to daycare together! (Jodie enjoyed the bouncy house too!)

The Birthday Girl -- Davis Claire. I was doing good to get this picture. DC never stopped moving the whole time!

How cute is she! Right after I took this picture Ainsley tried to join Mary Frances in the ball pit, but she ran her out instead!

Ainsley loved all the bouncy houses and slides.


The Segrest Family said...

these are so cute! ainsley is a doll!!!! and im so happy to see pictures of mary frances! she is getting so big -
and the pics below of ainsley eating easter chocolate is so cute

LT (and Max) said...

such cute pics! haven't seen jodie in forever! she looks great and her little one is a cutie.

those are some cute little girls!

dgable said...

Cute pictures Colby. Ainsley didn't bother a thing at the party! She was great and I'm glad ya'll got to come.

Anonymous said...

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